Bird Families

Melithreptus lunatus


Ocher-chested honey sucker

The ocher-chested honeydew is a species of birds from the honeybee family. Taxonomy is poorly understood, sometimes up to 14 subspecies of this species are distinguished.

1. Biology

They feed mainly on insects. They do not migrate, but in Australia, some individuals can fly to more open areas of the forest during the wet season.

The species has been designated LC by the IUCN.

Article source:

Bird Voices Bird Voices Glosy ptakow: community records.

1568, Xanthotis flaviventer, Tawny breasted Honeyeater 1569, Plectorhyncha lanceolata, Striped Honeyeater. Buff Multitran. Red-browed crowned honey sucker, Melithreptus lunulatus lat. The Birds of Australia. Ocher-chested honey sucker, Ptilotis filigera. 1. Oriole honey sucker.

1 and 2. Blue-eared honeymooner Broynowski Gracius Joseph, 1890.

Buff breasted gerygone warbler Gerygone levigaster mangrove. buff breasted honeyeater Meliphaga flaviventer. Buff breasted translation from Russian into all languages. 1 and 2. Blue-eared honey sucker, Entomyza cyanotis or Entomyza albipennis lat. G. J. Broinowski. The Birds of Australia consists of three hundred full pages.

1. The thick-billed crowned honeymooner Broynowski Gracius.

Meliphaga melanops New Zealand honeydew. Notiomystes cincta Miagra Francolinus сamerunensis Francolinus. Sheet1. Samoan honey sucker mao Gymnomyza samoensis. 1:51 Warty honey sucker Anthochaera phrygia. 0:26 Ocher-chested pipit Anthus nattereri.

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