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Long-billed Pseudo-Nectar / Neodrepanis coruscans


Short-billed false nectar or yellow-bellied false nectar (Neodrepanis hypoxantha) - a small species of birds of the family of Madagascar pittas (Philepittidae), endemic to the mountain forests of the island of Madagascar. The size is small: 9-10 cm. The plumage of males is very bright with a clear yellow breast and a black back with an iridescent blue sheen. The plumage of females is dull. The eye is surrounded by bright blue earrings, which takes on its color, like other pseudo-nectarians, due to the presence of collagen. The beak is long and curved, as the bird feeds on nectar.


Short-billed pseudo-nectarians actively feed on nectar. They protect the source of nectar from competitors of relatives, as well as from birds of the nectar family.

Conservation status

The short-billed pseudo-nectar is listed as a vulnerable species according to BirdLife International and IUCN. It was once considered an endangered species and even extinct due to the lack of birdwatching in the mountains. Subsequent studies have shown that the species is more abundant than previously thought, but it is still under threat of extinction due to loss of habitat and division of the range.

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