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Duplicate information about the sizes of the rings from the site.

The tables have been compiled on the basis of data from foreign ornithological clubs and the personal experience of members of the MGKLP. The final choice of the size of the ring lies on the conscience of the breeder himself. Some of the birds on this list are included in the Red Book, the sale, purchase (and hence the ownership of birds) is regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Recommended ring sizes for parrots

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Agapornis pullarius red-faced lovebird L 4.0
Forpus conspicillatus Spectacled passerine parrot L 4.0
Forpus cyanopygius Mexican passerine parrot L 4.0
Forpus sclateri Black-billed passerine parrot, Sclater's parrot L 4.0
Forpus xanthopterygius Blue-winged passerine parrot L 4.0
Forpus passerinus Passerine parrot L 4.0
Melopsittacus undulatus Budgerigar L 4.0
Agapornis canus Gray-headed lovebird L 4.0
Agapornis lilianae Lovebird Liliana N 4.5
Forpus xanthops Yellow-faced passerine parrot N 4.5
Forpus coelestis Lesson's passerine parrot N 4.5
Nannopsittaca panychlora Green passerine parrot N 4.5
Neophema chrysogaster Herbal parrot N 4,5
Neophema chrysostoma Blue-winged grass parrot N 4.5
Neophema elegans Decorated herbal parrot N 4.5
Neophema petrophila Rock herb parrot N 4.5
Neophema pulchella Azure herb parrot N 4.5
Neophema splendida Red-breasted grass parrot N 4.5
Neopsephotus bourkii Pink-bellied herbal parrot N 4.5
Bolbopsittacus lunulatus Philippine thick-billed parrot N 4.5
Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons Red-fronted thick-billed parrot N 4.5
Bolborhynchus orbygnesius Andean thick-billed parrot N 4.5
Cyanoramphus auriceps Yellow-fronted jumping parrot N 4.5
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae Red-fronted jumping parrot N 4.5
Cyanoramphus unicolor Antipodal jumping parrot N 4.5
Charmosyna placentis Red-sided decorated loris N 4.5
Charmosyna pulchella Gold-striped loris N 4.5
Charmosyna rubronotata Red-fronted loris N 4.5
Charmosyna multistriata Multi-stripe decorated loris N 4.5
Loriculus amabilis Moluccan Hanging Parrot N 4.5
Loriculus aurantiifrons Golden-fronted hanging parrot N 4.5
Loriculus beryllinus Ceylon Hanging Parrot N 4.5
Loriculus exilis Sulawesian green hanging parrot N 4.5
Loriculus flosculus Flores hanging parrot N 4.5
Loriculus galgulus Blue-headed hanging parrot N 4.5
Loriculus philippensis Philippine Hanging Parrot N 4.5
Loriculus pusillus Yellow-throated hanging parrot N 4.5
Loriculus stigmatus Sulawesian red-capped hanging parrot N 4.5
Loriculus vernalis Spring hanging parrot N 4.5
Melopsittacus undulatus Show budgerigar N 4.5
Neopsittacus pullicauda New Guinea lori-gua Harterta N 4.5
Oreopsittacus arfaki New Guinea Mountain Lory N 4.5
Psilopsiagon aurifrons, Bolborhynchus aurifrons Yellow-fronted thick-billed parrot N 4.5
Psilopsiagon aymara Brown-billed thick-billed parrot N 4.5
Trichoglossus flavoviridis Yellow-green lorikeet N 4.5
Bolborhynchus lineola Catherine's thick-billed parrot N 4.5
Agapornis nigrigenis Black-faced lovebird N 4.5
Agapornis fischeri Fisher's Lovebird N 4.5
Agapornis personatus Masked lovebird N 4.5
Platycercus icterotis Yellow-cheeked rosella N 4.5

Psephotus haematonotus Song parrot N 4.5

Psephotus varius Multicolored flat-tailed parrot N 4.5

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

All Birds - Parrot

Parrot - Wild Birds

The parrot belongs to the class of birds, the parrot-like order, the parrot family (lat.Psittacidae). Parrots were brought to Russia at the end of the 15th century.

Parrot - description, characteristics, appearance.

A characteristic feature of the parrot is its bright color: blue, red or green, many have long tufts and tails. Most species of these birds fly well and climb trees. Parrot paws have four toes, pointing back and forth in pairs. Poorly flying species are often greenish in color, allowing them to hide in bushes or grass thickets. The movable powerful and sharp hook-shaped beak of the parrot allows not only to grind the obtained food, but also serves the bird for defense, and during the journey through the branches of the trees it serves as an additional support - the “third paw”.

The weight of parrots ranges from tens of grams to a kilogram. Females are usually smaller than males. How long do parrots live? Under natural conditions, the age of some species of parrots reaches 50 years, and when kept in captivity rarely exceeds 35. Parrots have a squeaky, loud voice, but the ability to onomatopoeia and a well-developed memory allow them to copy the voices of other birds, animals and even humans.

Classification of parrots.

The modern classification includes more than 300 species of parrots and is divided into 5 subfamilies:

  • Loriaceae are small, brightly colored, have a special tongue structure,
  • owl (earthen) - flightless parrots, some species smell nice of honey,
  • woodpeckers - owners of a high curved beak and tail, reminiscent of the tail of woodpeckers,
  • non-stool - the most tame and common pets,
  • real - a distinctive feature of these birds - a large hooked beak, a long narrow tail and areas of the skin on the head, not covered with feathers.

As a result of natural and economic human activities, many species of parrots are threatened with extinction, therefore they are listed in the Red Book.

Where do parrots live?

These variegated, chirping birds live in the tropics and subtropics. More than half of all species live in Australia, almost a third are found in the countries of South and Central America, a small part lives in Africa and South Asia. These birds do not live on the territory of the CIS countries in natural conditions. Parrots usually live in forests, but they can also be found in steppe or mountain conditions. Abandoned termite mounds, hollows or burrows are chosen as dwellings. Lead a collective lifestyle.

What do parrots eat?

The diet of parrots includes the whole variety of plant foods: fruits and vegetables, nuts and cereals, various berries, young tree shoots. Some parrot species feed on pollen and nectar or dig up plant roots. Small insects are used as protein food.

Reproduction of parrots.

Before mating, parrots undergo mating games, after which the fertilization process occurs, which is characteristic of all birds. The female parrot lays 2 to 9 eggs and begins to incubate them. The male can also participate in this process. The term for the appearance of chicks depends on the species and lasts from 18 days to 4 weeks.

Chicks appear blind and without down and feather cover. Their weight does not exceed a few grams. Both the female and the male parrot are engaged in feeding and raising offspring. After chicks learn to fly, they become independent. Parrots reach sexual maturity at the age of 9 months to one and a half years, depending on the species.

Parrot - care and maintenance at home.

Having a parrot is a great idea, because these birds seem to be created for keeping at home. Having all the necessary information, everyone will be able to provide the feathered pet with care, in which the parrot will be healthy and cheerful, and the owner is happy.

It is better to choose a cage for a parrot that is nickel-plated, rectangular in shape and spacious enough so that the parrot, hanging upside down on the perch, does not touch the drinker or feeder. We must not forget about the safety of the bird, so you need to take care of a reliable locking device. The parrot's "dwelling" should be located in a bright room, but away from heating appliances and direct sunlight. Parrots feel great at an air temperature of + 18 - 22 degrees. To ensure constant eye contact with the feathered pet, the cage is usually placed at the level of the owner's eyes.

The cage should be equipped with a retractable tray, where clean river sand or small pebbles are poured, and wooden perch perches. Metal poultry feeders are the most practical, but a drinker can be purchased from glass or high-quality porcelain.

It is necessary to change the sand in the pallet once a week. It is advisable to remove debris, food debris and droppings from the cage daily, as well as wash the drinker, clean the feeder and pour fresh, bottled or filtered water.

Once a month, they carry out a general cleaning: wash all the contaminated places with an infusion of St. John's wort or chamomile and pour boiling water over the cell. Once every 3 months, you will need to sanitize your home with a solution of soda (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

So that the parrot does not get bored in the absence of its owners, it does not add entertainment to the cage: a swing, a wooden ring, as well as a bell and a mirror.

During the period of adaptation of a pet to a new home, it is necessary to exclude possible irritants: loud music, increased interest in the feathered other pets and own intrusive attention. Contact with the parrot should be established gradually, talking in a quiet, calm voice, especially when cleaning the cage.

Parrots are birds, and they need communication like air, otherwise the pet may get bored and fall into a deep depression. To make the parrot feel like a member of the family, you need to let it out of the cage more often, having previously closed the vents and curtains so that the flying bird does not hit the glass.

The training and enrichment of the pet's vocabulary should be done by one person, and parrots most often favor female mentors.

How to feed a parrot at home?

In the diet of a parrot, grain mixtures of good quality must necessarily prevail. The main cereals are millet and oats; for large species, corn, hemp seeds and sunflowers can be added to the diet. Small parrots - canary seed and medium-sized sunflower. In winter, sprouted grains, rich in vitamin E, and crushed young leaves of lettuce, which can be grown in containers on windowsills, are added to the food of a parrot.

Every day, vitamin foods are added to the main diet, consisting of vegetables and fruits, for example, grated carrots, apples or spinach, mixed with white bread crumbs. “Street” food collected away from the highway will not hurt either: clover, dandelions, wood lice. A herbal mixture dried in a dryer or oven is a good treat for parrots. Dry grain mixtures are sometimes replaced with soft food: millet, rice or oatmeal, low-fat cottage cheese, finely chopped boiled egg.

As a mineral feed, the cage should constantly contain chalk and charcoal, as well as twigs of willow, poplar, mountain ash or aspen. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water that the parrot drinks.

Happy owners of a loris parrot should pay special attention to their pet's diet, because in nature, birds feed on ripe fruits and nectar of tropical flowers. Therefore, initially lorises are fed with sweet cereals, fruits and honey, gradually accustoming them to grain feed.

You need to feed the parrots in the morning, preferably at the same time. Over time, each owner will learn to calculate the amount of food so that during the day all the food is eaten and the pet is full.

Ⓘ Taxonomic list of parrots

  • Woodpecker parrot Finsch Micropsitta finschii
  • Woodpecker parrot of Schlegel Micropsitta geelvinkiana
  • Woodpecker parrot Bruin Micropsitta bruijnii
  • Sclater's Woodpecker Micropsitta pusio
  • Woodpecker parrot Meeka Micropsitta meeki
  • Woodpecker Parrot Salvadori Micropsitta keiensis

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Parrots with comments.

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