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Attractions Malia (Crete)


Malia is a resort on the island of Crete, located 35 km east of Heraklion. This is one of the most popular places in Crete, therefore it attracts young people and lovers of nightlife. Immediately, we note that young people are mainly from Great Britain, Germany and France, there are few Russian speakers.

Malia on Crete map

The infrastructure in Malia is very well developed: hotels of any star, equipped beaches, all kinds of entertainment, taverns, cafes, pubs, motorcycle and bicycle rental, supermarkets, souvenir shops.

The city center (Dimokratias and Mattheou Zachariadi streets) is at the mercy of clubs and bars. The most popular of them are: Zig Zag, Appolo, Warehouse, Candy. They open after 10 pm and work almost until the morning. Admission is free, except for special events, only drinks are paid.

If you want to visit Malia, but do not like parties, then we recommend settling in the vicinity of the town, where it is calm and picturesque. The neighboring resorts of Stalis and Hersonissos look much more relaxed and respectable.

Sightseeing lovers won't be disappointed in Malia either. The Mali Palace is 3 km away, the resort is closest to the Zeus Cave and Lassithi Plateau. If not enough, then you can go to Heraklion - the trip will take 1 hour.

Sea and beach

Although the beach in Malia has a single name, it is not a single whole. In fact, this is a collection of suitable sandy and unsuitable rocky coastal areas.

Suitable plots - have a gentle entrance to the water. On the coast there are water activities, playgrounds and sports grounds, showers, paid sun loungers and umbrellas. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and infrastructure.

It should be borne in mind that the beach in Malia is crowded, and Greeks also come here on weekends.

If you want some privacy, then head to the sandy Potamos Beach, which is 2 km away, near the ruins of the Malian Palace. It is also equipped with everything you need: there are several bars, sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins.

The best nearest beach is Stalis, which is located 4 km from the center of Malia.


Malia is divided into two parts - old and modern. In the Old Town with its narrow streets, houses with climbing flowers and taverns with live Greek music, the main attractions of Malia are located:

  • church of St. Nektarios,
  • Venetian Church of St. John,
  • temple of St. Dimitrios.

Still, the most significant sights are located in the vicinity of the resort. First of all, these are the ruins of the Mali Palace, 3 km from the city. They have not been reconstructed and are in their original form. It is the third largest Minoan palace in Crete. Here are found unique jewels made by Cretan craftsmen, 3000 years ago.

You can also visit the monastery of St. George, 5 km from the city. 6 kilometers from Malia is the cozy town of Mojos, where you can see the traditional way of life of the indigenous people.

The most popular excursion in Malia is organized to the Palace of Knossos, which is located near Heraklion and is the largest attraction in Crete. Also very popular are trips to the Lassithi plateau (with a visit to the cave of Zeus) and to the island of Spinalonga, near Elounda and Agios Nikolaos.

How to get to Malia

1. Heraklion Airport.

You can independently get from Heraklion International Airport to Malia by bus, taxi or rented car.


During the season, buses leave from Heraklion Bus Station A to Malia every 15-30 minutes, stopping at the airport. Opening hours from about 6 am to midnight. Travel time is 1 hour. The fare is 4 euros. The stop at the airport is on the right, 100 meters from the exit from the arrivals area, next to the parking lot of car rental companies. In Malia, the bus passes along El. Venizelou, next to the Old Town. Makes 3 stops, numbers 31-33. It is quite far and inconvenient to go to the sea with luggage, especially in the late afternoon, when young people are more active on ATVs. Therefore, calculate your strength when you think of taking the bus.


The most convenient way to get to the hotel is by taxi. The option is more expensive, but if you are several people, then it is worth considering. You can also order a transfer in advance. Then they will meet you at the airport, help you with your luggage and already know your destination for sure. In addition, you can ask for child seats.

Car rental.

If you plan to travel a lot in Crete, then the airport is the best place to rent a car. There is the largest selection of firms and machines, including those with automatic transmission. If you do this in advance, you can save a lot. Also save on taxis.

2. Port of Heraklion.

The port of Heraklion is located near the Heraklion Intercity Bus Station (Bus Station A). From there, during the season, buses run regularly to Malia, which also pass through the airport.


The resort has a large selection of accommodations. Hotels in Malia have different stardom and their total number is close to a hundred. You will also find many apartments and studios, both on the beach and close to the old town.

For those who like a quiet holiday, we recommend staying on the outskirts, where the noise from the numerous discos is not heard.

In the immediate vicinity, you can rent a whole house or villa.

What to see in Malia, Crete?

Malia is a small town located three dozen kilometers from Heraklion in the east of Crete. Four millennia ago, one of the most important political centers of Ancient Greece was located here. Today Malia is a seaside resort.

Temples of Malia

In the center of the city stands the largest Greek church of St. Nectaria. Inside you can see beautiful frescoes created by the Greek icon painter Vasilakis.

In the alleys behind the church of St. Nectarios is the Venetian church of St. John. A little further, you can find a beautiful square on which the church of St. Dimitrios.

All these churches have a long history. And they were built on the ruins of much more ancient Christian churches.

Malia resort in Crete

Malia is located 30 kilometers from the capital of Crete - Heraklion - the city where the nearest International Airport is located.

Nearby, literally a few kilometers away, lies the same small resort town of Hersonissos, famous for its vibrant nightlife.

Malia is 30 km from Heraklion

Malia, or Malia, as the Greeks call it, was once a city of the ancient Minoan state, as evidenced by the ruins of a palace slightly inferior in size and luxury to Knossos, as well as the royal necropolis and individual residential buildings discovered as a result of excavations at the beginning of the last century ...

Archaeological research is carried out in the vicinity of the city to this day - historians believe that many interesting finds and discoveries await them here.

Climate and weather

The weather in Malia is typical for all Cretan resorts located on the Aegean coast - humid, warm winters and hot summers.

The tourist season in Malia starts in April and ends at the end of October. At the peak of the season, the air temperature reaches + 35 ° С, and the sea near the coast warms up to + 25 ° С.

In winter, the resort is rainy, but not cold: the temperature practically does not drop below + 14 ° С. More details about the climate in Crete Grekoblog wrote in a separate article Weather in Crete by months.

Excursions from Malia

In the vicinity of the town, tourists interested in history will certainly be attracted by the ruins of a Minoan palace, an old workshop for making seals, the remains of houses from the Minoan period, as well as an archaeological museum.

If you wish, you can go to the capital of Crete to visit the world famous Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, as well as the Palace of Knossos, located a few kilometers from the city.

There are over 70 hotels and apartments in and around the resort

From Malia, excursions are organized to the relatively close Zeus Cave (Dikteyskaya Cave), where, according to legend, the main ancient Greek god spent his childhood.

In the underground halls you can admire bizarre stalactites and stalagmites, see the ancient altar and tables on which sacrifices were once performed, as well as a small lake in the depths of the cave.

The path to Zeus's Cave lies through the picturesque Lassithi Plateau, famous for its Alpine landscapes, breathtaking views and many windmills used to irrigate the area.

Especially popular with tourists of all ages are mini-tours to the most popular Greek island of Santorini, for many years, along with the Athenian Acropolis, which is considered the hallmark of Hellas.

You can get to Santorini from Malia both independently and together with an organized excursion. About the possible options Grekoblog described in detail in the article Crete-Santorini - all the ways to get there: excursions and on your own.

The most popular excursion from Malia is the trip to Santorini

Boat trips to the island of Spinalonga are very interesting, including a visit to an ancient fortress in the program, as well as swimming in the azure lagoons of the island. Trips to the island of Gravmus, to the mountain lake Kournas or to the Samaria gorge are no less exciting.

You can get acquainted with the detailed assortment of excursions offered to tourists, as well as book a trip in advance with the help of Victoria, which Grekoblog wrote about in the article Guide in Crete - excursions from the East Coast. To do this, just write to her by e-mail [email protected] and ask to send a detailed program with current prices.

During peak season, tickets for popular tours often “sell out” a few days before the trip itself, so it always makes sense to prepare your program in advance. Moreover, Vicki's prices are one of the most pleasant in Crete.

Night life

For regulars in bars, clubs and discos, the fun nightlife in Malia, Crete begins at dusk and continues until dawn.

The most popular among walking youth in Malia are Malibu Club, Camelot Castle and Banana Club, open until the early morning - all establishments are free to enter, you will have to pay only for ordered drinks.

Many restaurants, taverns, pubs in Malia also close long after midnight. Even shops selling local souvenirs are open until late at night.

For the regulars of clubs and discos, nightlife begins at dusk

In the center of Malia, on summer nights, it is quite noisy - loud music, the roar of motorcycles and ATVs - a very popular means of transportation among advanced youth, noise and din that lasts until the morning, so tourists who want to relax in silence are better off choosing hotels located on the outskirts of the town.


Sandy beaches in Malia are some of the best on the coast: they are very clean and well-groomed, they are equipped with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay, entertainment, as well as water sports.

Malia is always quite crowded, so lovers of a quiet holiday prefer the beaches located in the vicinity - no less comfortable, but quieter.

Modern Malia (Malia)

Malia (Malia, Malia, Μάλια) is a very popular resort among young people. The village is located about 35 km east of Heraklion in the coastal area near Hersonissos. Malia is often compared to Ibiza and similar resorts, and is considered the most fun and funky place in Crete. Hundreds of nightclubs and discos are located here; the festive atmosphere does not stop day or night.

And, if you need to find all the entertainment of the island in one place, then you can safely go to Malia. Mostly young people rest here, and Malia's fame is spread far beyond the island's borders. The best sandy beaches of the region are located here, where you can find all kinds of water activities.

In short, we can say that Malia is a resort that has everything: the sea, beaches, hotels of all stars, all kinds of entertainment, taverns, cafes, pubs, souvenir shops and even huge supermarkets. Here you can rent any type of vehicle: bicycle, scooter, ATV, motorcycle, car of any brand. Once in Malia, sometimes you get the feeling that you can walk upside down here, and no one will judge.

Malia (Malia) antique

But, paradoxically, Malia is known primarily for the fact that in ancient times it played a major role in the life of the island of Crete and the Minoan civilization. Excavations are underway just 3 km east of the present-day village that have shed light on the history of Malia. As a result of the excavations, the Malian Minoan Palace, fragments of buildings made of clay bricks, a workshop for making seals, vessels for storing wine and oil were found. Buildings were found to the northeast of the palace, presumably serving as the administrative functions of the palace. Plates with records on the economic part and seals were found right there. And to the north of the palace, royal burials were discovered. The found remains of the palace belong to the palace of the era of Knossos and Phaistos palaces. And the first palace was supposedly built in the period from 2000 to 1900 BC, but in 1700 BC. it was destroyed. In its place, a new palace was erected, which was destroyed in 1450 BC. as a result of a mysterious disaster. And only then was the palace built, which was found as a result of excavations.

Some finds prove that the settlement existed here in the pre-palace period. Fragments of vessels from the Neolithic era are vivid proof of this. Many archaeological finds are exhibited here - in the palace village house reconstructed from the ruins. The excavations themselves are still ongoing by the French Archaeological School. It is believed that there is an ancient city to the south of the Mali Palace that has yet to be explored. And, obviously, many more important discoveries and finds await us.


This is one of the tourist centers located near Malia in the mountains. Here you can observe the life of local villagers with their traditional way of life, one of the main sources of income for which is the production of olive oil.

Olive groves grow around Mojos, they provide work and income. Tourists can wander for hours in these groves, enjoying the local beauty and natural attractions.

Malia in Crete

In the northern part of Crete, on the territory of the residence Heraklion, right on the coast of the Aegean Sea, only 34 km from the city of Heraklion, right on the road to Agios Nikolaoc is a popular resort town called Malia... Just a few kilometers from here is the equally popular Hersonissos, which is famous for its vibrant nightlife.

Malia is the real paradise for youth, it is always noisy and fun here. Numerous archaeological sites can be visited here, and the local beaches are considered the best along the coast. Malia is rightfully considered one of the funniest resorts in Crete, where the holiday that will captivate all tourists absolutely never ends. This small town is literally dotted with Greek taverns, bars, shops and restaurants. Also, it is worth noting that there is no promenade, so all hotels are located right in the beach area, and the fun continues here from dinner until dawn. Quite often, this town is compared to Ibiza, as both of these resorts are fun and funky places. There are many nightclubs and discos here, and the festive atmosphere never dies down here. And in the event that you need to find all the entertainment in one place, then you can safely go to Malia.Most often, young people rest here, and the fame of this place is spread far beyond the borders of this resort.

Malia is a rather unusual town, similar to which there is no longer in Crete. Once this place was famous throughout Greece for its delicious potatoes. Many years have passed since then, tourists began to come here and the potato fields gave way to numerous hotels, restaurants and bars. Since then, the city has split into two completely different parts. On one side is the old town, right at the foot of the Selene, with many narrow streets, as well as taverns with live Greek music and houses with curly flowers. On the other hand, right along the coastline, there is a new part with bars, nightclubs and discos.

Malia attracts the attention of tourists with a huge number entertainment and beaches... Malia is incredibly beautiful and picturesque, and this is facilitated by the temperate Mediterranean climate. The mild climate here depends on the location of the town, which is located on the coast on the plain, right at the foot of the mountain range. The weather is always good here, and in summer there is no sweltering heat.

Thus, we can safely say that Malia is a stunning resort, which has absolutely everything for vacationers: beautiful sandy beaches, fiery discos, great hotels, natural beauty, warm sea, all kinds of entertainment, northern shops, supermarkets and much more. ... Also, the excursion program will not disappoint. Here you can rent a car, bicycle, scooter, ATV, motorcycle of any brand. Malia is a resort that combines a cheeky youth holiday - in the village, calm and romantic - in the vicinity of Malia, as well as a cultural one, because there are two Minoan palaces nearby.

Weather in Malia

Malia's weather is exactly the same as in all other resorts of Crete, which are located on the Aegean coast. Winters are warm and humid here, while summers are hot, but not stuffy. Tourist season here it lasts from the beginning of April to the end of October. At the peak of the tourist season, the average daily air temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, and the sea warms up to +25 degrees. Thanks to this, even very young children can splash in the water, without fear of freezing. It is rainy enough here in winter, but not cold. The coldest month of the year is February. The air temperature almost never drops below 14 degrees, with a plus sign. As for precipitation, the least of them falls in July, and most of them in December and February.

Monastery of St. George

In the vicinity of the resort town of Malia, in the gorge, there is an old men's monastery with excellent architecture. It stands on the site of the ruins of an older monastery, erected in the 16th century, even under the Turks.

According to local legends, three brothers from Rhodes lived in Mali. One of the brothers named Nicholas found an icon of St. George and erected a temple on the site of the find. Then he decided to become a monk and lived in a cave near his church.

After the death of Nicholas, the relics of this saint were sent to Rhodes, and the icon of St. George today can only be seen on his Christian holiday. A copy of this icon is installed in the monastery church.

Minoan palace

This palace is located in the eastern part of Malia. It is the third largest in Crete. All these ancient buildings have been preserved on the island since the time of the Minoan civilization that existed four millennia ago, during the Bronze Age.

According to historians, the Minoan palace in Malia was built around 1,900 BC; today it covers an area of ​​7,500 square meters. According to legend, the first owner of the palace was the son of Zeus and Europe, Sarpedon.

Two hundred years later, the palace collapsed as a result of an earthquake, but it was rebuilt using the first plan. And during the times of the Mycenaean kingdom, the largest building was built here, which served as a sanctuary.

Where can I get a snack?

1. Tavern "Malia Star"... In this tavern you can taste authentic Greek cuisine: the freshest Mediterranean fish and seafood, vegetables grown without any additives, the purest olive oil, etc.

You can spice up your dinner with Cretan wine or homemade homemade liqueurs made by the owners of this tavern. The menu in the tavern is compiled in seven languages, incl. in Russian.

Here, in the tavern, you can listen to live Greek music, learn to dance sirtaki on your own, communicate with local Greeks, learn spoken Greek, etc.

2. Tavern "Ellas"... Gourmets are convinced that it is in this tavern that the best Greek cuisine on the Cretan coast is served. Therefore, they try to get here to have lunch, because it is impossible to get through to dinner at Ellas, there are too many visitors.

The interior and furniture in this tavern are designed in a simple peasant style, the portions are large, and the prices for them are quite democratic. The interior is decorated with items of rural use.

The atmosphere in the tavern is very friendly, you can listen to folk music and chat with the locals. Twice a week there are real Greek festivities with sirtaki dancing and crockery breaking.