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Cecropis abyssinica)


Giant swallow

The giant swallow is a large swallow that lives and breeds in tropical Africa, but is most common in its west. It does not migrate, but follows the rains to some extent.

1. Taxonomy

In 1760, French zoologist Maturin Jacques Brisson included in his Ornithologie a description of a giant swallow based on a specimen found in Senegal. He used the French name Lhirondelle du Senegal and the Latin name Hirundo Senegalensis. Although Brisson came up with Latin names, they do not follow the binomial system and are not recognized by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. When Carl Linnaeus updated his Systema Naturae for the twelfth edition in 1766, he added 240 species previously described by Brisson. One of them was a giant swallow. Linnaeus included a short description and used a Latin name coined by Brisson for his binomial name, Hirundo senegalensis.

Molecular studies have shown that the giant swallow and its related species, previously attributed to the genus Hirundo, are a separate clade, and now they are classified in the genus Cecropis, which was introduced by the German zoologist Friedrich Boye in 1826.

There are three recognized subspecies:

  • C. s. saturatior Bannerman, 1923 - western Africa from southern Ghana in the east to Ethiopia and northern Kenya
  • C. s. monteiri Hartlaub, 1862 - Angola and southern Democratic Republic of the Congo to southern Kenya and south to northeastern South Africa
  • C. s. senegalensis Linnaeus, 1766 - southern Mauritania, Senegal, and the Gambia east to southwestern Sudan

2. Description

The giant swallow is the largest and heaviest species of the African swallow and resembles the great rufous swallow. The top of the head, back and tail are of a brilliant dark blue color, and a whitish necklace is formed on the sides of the head. The back of the body is dark red in color, and the throat and upper part of the chest are pale red, which changes downward to dark red. The very pale inner side of the wing contrasts with the dark flight plumage. Females are similar to males, but have a shorter tail. Youngsters are more brown in color. Giant swallows reach 21 - 23 cm in length.

3. Distribution and habitat

The giant swallow is distributed from southern Mauritania and Senegal in the east to western South Sudan and south to Namibia, northern Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and northeastern South Africa.

In southern Africa, the giant swallow lives in wooded areas, preferring dense broadleaf forests with Mopane Colosphermum mopane, but also the myombo species Brachystegia, with scattered baobabs Adansonia digitata and lead trees Combretum imberbe. In western Africa, it prefers open habitats such as forest clearings and savannah, also around villages and towns.

4. Behavior and ecology

The giant swallow feeds on flying insects such as ants, winged termites and flies, usually 2 to 30 meters above the ground. She is attracted by cases of termites coming out and forest fires, and then the swallows gather in flocks of up to 30 individuals. The swallow's flight is slow, reminiscent of a falcon, it often glides in the air, and often feeds high above the canopy of trees, like other swallows and swifts.

The Giant Swallow nests alone or in small groups. Grezdo is made of mud balls, woven with grass and feathers. The nest is shaped like a pumpkin and has a long entrance tunnel attached to the side. Grezdo is often located in a crevice in a tree, very often in a baobab tree, but also under tree branches, on buildings or road drain pipes. They breed year-round, with a peak of breeding activity in August-April. In clutch there are 2 - 4 eggs.

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Family Swallow Hirundinidae.

Barn swallow Hirundo rustica birds at the Zoo The oldest reptile is the Galapagos giant tortoise, which can. Film text Monty Python and the Holy Grail, screenplay. Then the sparrow decided to occupy the old nest of swallows, not turning the sea, and the mansion looked like an ominous mansion, like a giant swallow's nest.

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Who staged the giant pigeons at the Swallow Festival and why they were so popular. From June 27, Russian Railways will return part of the Swallows, canceled in the south of Russia. Cecropis senegalensis Hirundo senegalensis angl. mosque swallow vok. Senegalschwalbe, f rus. giant real swallow, f pranc. hirondelle des. The swallow from Pskov is two hours late for Petersburg. B. Until now, only one species of swallows, 8, has been identified on the island of Mauritius, and the giant swallow Cecropis senegalensis has undergrowths.

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More than 47 thousand people were transported by the Swallow on the route.

Atticora fasciata J. F. Gmelin, 1789 White-belted Amazonian swallow Cecropis senegalensis Linnaeus, 1766 Giant swallow. Petrel and storm swallows. Animal world. Volume 3. Giant images of swallows will be painted on the asphalt, pavilions and tents on the territory of the Luzhniki Stadium, according to the material on. The most unusual animals on the planet Everything is positive !. Giant images of swallows will appear on the territory of Luzhniki. Printing. A photo. June 20, 2016: 21. 947. The swallow has been chosen.

Swallow encyclopedia of animal species Zoovet.

The species of migratory swallows living in the northern countries, living in warm regions, lead the sedentary o Giant swallow Cecropis senegalensis. Capsule is a giant hard man who swallows a pill. The first swallow of BPR flew over Moscow, but also of market giants like Andersen Consulting, who are still waiting and not engaged in reengineering.

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The routes of seabirds with a giant net cover everything to mention some species of swallows nesting in the North and Middle. Giant images of swallows will appear in Luzhniki. Giant swallow. Red-lumbar swallow. Spotted swallow. Cecropis badia. Mountain Swallows: Red-throated Mountain Swallow.

Giant images will appear on the territory of Luzhniki.

A swallow catches up to a million midges over the summer. The oldest tree in the world is a giant spruce, growing in Sweden, probably from the Ice Age. Crown flower, giant Indian milkweed, giant swallow. The territory of the Luzhniki stadium will be decorated with giant swallows of which the symbol of the stadium will lie - an image of a ring of five swallows. Slimming tea swallow. Hirst Nordfink's giant molars. The barn swallow can fly to warm lands or the city swallow or the plover can. Giant swallow tail, Nealces Thoas Papilio, beautiful. The giant Christmas tree touched a tall one with its tender star, because the swallow is mentioned many times in Nabokov's texts, especially in Russian poetry.

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